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Chelsea Hester-Bradt (she/her)

Soulfully You

Chelsea Hester-Bradt (she/her)

Welcome to Soulfully You

A community of heart-centered women ditching diet-culture & making peace with their bodies & food ♥

The Soulfully You Community

Connect with fellow diet-culture rebels in a safe and supportive community while learning how to enjoy food, feel comfortable in your skin, and show up more authentically in the world.

Are you ready to...

👉Have a community of support ready to cheer you on when you have questions, feel confused, or simply want to connect with another human?

👉Better understand Intuitive Eating and learn tangible tools for implementing it into your daily life?

👉Build your confidence as an anti-dieter. Learn how to take a stand against diet-culture and feel confident while doing so?

👉Increase your awareness of your thoughts, patterns, and behaviors via monthly mindfulness practices and guided meditations?

Soulfully You was created to help anti-dieters just like you feel less alone in a world saturated by diet-culture.

Here, we talk about matters of your HEART.

What's Included:

  • A community of fellow anti-dieters and aspiring intuitive eaters 

  • An active community board where members connect with each other, post questions and ideas, and support each other on this journey together.

  • Monthly themes designed to educate, inspire, and keep you moving forward on your food and body image journey. 

  • Monthly coaching calls on ALL things intuitive eating, mindfulness, confidence as an anti-dieter and more. Plus, space for you to ask any and all questions you have!

  • Recordings of all previous coaching calls

  • Monthly social hours where we’ll gather virtually to chat and connect! This is a great opportunity to meet the other members in the community and deepen in relationship!

  • Monthly meditations - Access to exclusive guided meditations and journal prompts.

  • Insider access to me - I’m in the group daily communicating with you and making sure you have all the support you need!

  • Spontaneous added events such as book clubs, gentle movement sessions, and additional trainings!


What if I’m currently battling an eating disorder?

You are welcome to join Soulfully You, however, please note that this is not a replacement for therapy or treatment. Please reach out to me if you need referrals for therapists or ED treatment centers near you.

In Soulfully You, everyone is at a different place in their healing journey. I make sure to closely monitor the group for common triggers and there’s no talk of ED behaviors, numbers, or specific foods allowed.

What if I know nothing about Intuitive Eating?

You are welcome here and encouraged to join!!

You don’t need to be familiar with IE, Health at Every Size, or Body Trust to join Soulfully You, as long as you’re willing to challenge and reject diet-culture.

I’ll give you all the tips and tools on how to do this in the group. You’ve just got to show up with an open mind and a curious spirit!

What is the time commitment of the program?

There is no amount of time you're required to commit to Soulfully You. Since it's free, however, I will monitor the group and remove members who have been inactive (haven't logged in at all) for 2 months.


Is this space just for women?

Soulfully You is a male-free space. 

That means women (cis and trans) and non-binary folx are welcome here. This is an LGTBQ+ affirming space; if you have any questions about whether you'd be a good fit, don't hesitate to reach out!

Wanna learn more?

Check out for all the details!

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